Team Update

Hello everyone,

We have been busy over here in the office and we are excited to share some updates from our staff. From new employees, to babies on the way, we want you to share in our celebrations!

To start off, we have our newest member, Kristina. Kristina is a dental assistant with over ten years of experience. She started with us in July and we are so thrilled to have her skills to share with our patients. Kristina is an excellent baker and decorates her cakes like a professional! She has quickly become an asset around the office with her hard-working attitude and caring personality.

Delta joined our team in March, but is now a seasoned veteran around the office. She has years of experience as a dental assistant and has brought her expertise to Dr. Laster's office! Delta keeps all of our operational rooms up and running on a daily basis, along with serving as a leader for our team in the areas of patient care. Delta also is celebrating the birth of her second grandchild, a beautiful baby girl!

Andrea, as some of you may have noticed, is far along in her pregnancy. Her and her husband are excited to be welcoming a baby boy, due this month. Andrea has left our office to move to Charlotte and be with her husband. They are busy getting ready to bring their baby home!


We are thrilled for all of our staff members as exciting things are happening and families are growing. We are looking forward to seeing you in the office soon to share more news and updates!


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