Sugar Scaries This Halloween!

Halloween will be here before we know it! Take advantage of these good tips to avoid putting you or your child at risk of decay.

  1. It's best to eat sweets and candy shortly after a meal.  Your saliva is more active during meal times, so in order to ensure a faster break down of sugar, be sure to plan around other meals.
  2. Prevent yourself from snacking on sweets. Snacking throughout the day allows for continued sugar to coat your teeth. This accelerates the break down of your enamel when you are waiting to brush it off.
  3. Choose your candy wisely! Avoid eating hard or sticky candies as they stay in your mouth for a longer period of time and are harder for your saliva to break down.
  4. Donate your unwanted candy. Select your favorite candies and give us your left over sweets and we will donate it to the troops or you can find a local buy-back program! ($$$)
  5. Drink fluoridated water. Drink lots of water while you are eating your sweets to ensure that your teeth will have strong enamel to protect from sugars. That goes for bottled water as well!

Make sure you stop by and see our Halloween costumes - we would love to see yours too! Be safe and have a great Hallows' Eve!


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