"Dr. Laster and her staff are fabulous!! They are very professional, yet friendly and welcoming.
She spent a great amount of time, on my first visit, to repair and seal a tooth and prepare it for
 the necessary root canal to come.
Don’t hesitate - she is a terrific dentist, interested in your best dental health, comfort and well-being!!

Claire W., Raleigh, NC

"I have known Dr. Laster professionally and personally for over 10 years. She is a wonderful person and an exceptional dentist. She places great value on caring for others. I believe that she has a natural gift when it comes to dentistry. Her work is thorough and she pays great attention to detail. Her warm and kind personality is a bonus! I have recommended Dr. Laster to several friends and family members over the years and I have complete confidence in her abilities."

Melanie M. Adams, RDH

"I enjoy every visit with Dr. Laster, she always makes me smile! Her good humor just accentuates her skill as a dentist. She takes the time to listen, explain, and ensures every visit is a pleasant experience."

Michele Palma, Raleigh, NC

"Dr. Laster is a thorough and gentle dentist. Having had my fair share of dental work with a variety of dentists, I can attest that Dr. Laster cares about her patients. She looks for various solutions to the problem and always takes my comfort into consideration. She has a good way of explaining the situation, what she is doing to address the problem and what I can expect as a result. Her expertise and her compassion are a great combination and comfort when I am sitting in her dental chair. I have recommended Dr. Laster to others who have come back with great reviews and many thanks for my recommendation."

Chad Doyle, Raleigh, NC

"Dr. Laster is most certainly a phenomenal dentist. Her attention to detail, skill level, and combined sincere care for me was of the highest level. She performed a root canal on a molar just before I moved out of state. Even the dentist who continued care for me commented on how impressed he was with the result of her work. I have yet to find another dentist that has such a winning combination." Emily West, Asheville, NC "Dr. Laster is a wonderful dentist! She is extremely thorough, skilled, friendly and goes out of her way to make each visit a comfortable and positive one! I love that she never rushes during my appointments and always makes time to fully explain any and all procedures. I have enjoyed going to Dr. Laster over the past several years and will definitely continue to do so!"

Heather Reifscheider, Raleigh, NC

Parent Testimonial and Evaluation:

"Dr. Laster, Thank you for making it such a pleasant and positive dental experience for my son." "It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Christine Laster as the dentist for my son's dental treatment for fillings and sealant. We have more appointments in the future and I hope she will be available. She was very patient, friendly and comforting (very kid friendly)."

Thank you, Laura Sebrell

Satisfaction (5 = highly satisfied, 1 = not satisfied) -Score (100.0%)

  1. Was the dentist sensitive to your needs ? 5 - Highly Satisfied
  2. Was your treatment explained to your satisfaction ? 5 - Highly Satisfied
  3. Was your dental treatment completed to your satisfaction ? 5 - Highly Satisfied
  4. How would you rate your overall experience ? 5 - Highly Satisfied
  5. Would you return to Dr. Laster for future treatment ? Yes
  6. Would you refer a friend to our dental practice in the future ? Yes

"We are very happy with Dr. Laster as our dentist. She has have a wonderful bedside manner, especially with our kids. We have had terrible experiences with other dentists, and are so pleased to finally have found her practice! We love that the whole family can be treated and the office staff are all so nice too! Thank you so much!"

Mother of the patient wished to stay anonymous but this is the mom of the little girl in the photo on the Pediatric Dentistry page.